Remote Coastline Cleaning Crew
RCC Crew

The RCC-Crew (Remote Coastline Cleansing Crew) is a non-profit-making organisation set up to tackle the increasing issue of plastics and associated waste materials polluting our coastal environment.

Unfortunately, seaborn litter doesn’t discriminate where it will eventually wash up, and therefore seashores in very remote locations are affected in just the same way as those in populated areas, possibly more so due to the abundance of rare wildlife.

There are many excellent initiatives run by environmental campaigning organisations, carrying out regular effective beach cleansing programmes as well as the obligated local authority beach maintenance work taking place on larger public beaches. These beaches whether cleansed by volunteers or the public sector have one thing in common, available access using coastal pathways, tracks or public roads.

RCC-Crew target remote beaches, bays and areas of coast affected by pollution where there is no access on the landward side, therefore the only effective way to carry out a cleansing program is via the sea.

RCC-Crew identify remote locations around the UK coastline in need of cleansing and deploy specialist teams using bespoke craft to collect, sort and transport the plastic back to an area of population where the appropriate recycling can be carried out by the relevant local authority.